BOOK REVIEW: Davy Edge – Poems from the Midnight

Davy Edge Poems from the Midnight review

Davy Edge

Poems from the Midnight

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RATING: *****

Davy Edge; actor, musician, writer and, now, poet, his talents stretch much further afield than his native city of Liverpool. He is also man steeped in the joys as much as he is the travails life has to offer. Yet still he remains upbeat about that which is to come rather than being downbeat about that which has passed by.

Now Davy has set some of his experiences to a poetic timbre in his collection debut portfolio Poems from the Midnight and those who delve into this delightfully orchestrated, beautifully produced chronicle will take pleasure in knowing that each of the seventy-nine collected pieces will speak directly from the heart of their author and unswervingly into the mood of its reader.

There are odes to the powers of Porridge to make you chuckle, reminiscences of youth in Rock ‘n’ Roll Dinosaur, of loves lost in I Would. Overall though, this is an anthology that encapsulates life in all of its forms, all of its warts and all of its transgressive and aggressive and possessive and magnificent finery: its ups, downs, highs, lows and middles.

Of course to do such a journey justice, the wordsmith must be of the highest order and, in Davy Edge, there is no taskmaster more befitting the task. His lightness of touch, his sheer love of the language and his absolute and total adoration of that with which he deems worthy of comment, shines bright in every consonant and vowel.

Personal favourites are Life’s Too Short and An Interesting Guest largely for their delightful simplicity. However, that said, each piece disregards pomposity in favour of clarity and thereby evokes a sense of self-reflection that’s so heart-warming and provocative in its own way, it is a simple enough pleasure to merely hold the book in ones hands, safe in the knowledge that what is to come will more than satisfy.

Exquisitely written, gorgeously presented and stunningly well executed, Davy Edge’s Poems from the Midnight is an eternal flame that will burn brightly in the lives of all those fortunate enough to crack open its covers.

Marvellous stuff. Quite simply, marvellous stuff indeed!

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