Book Review: Mark Dawson – The Driver

Mark Dawson

The Driver

Publisher: ‎ Welbeck

Paperback: ‎ 352 pages

ISBN-10: ‎ 178739705X

ISBN-13: ‎ 978-1787397057

Published: 2nd February, 2023


A little late, but better that than never to ring the bell for one of the best thrillers to have been published in 2023. Mark Dawson’s The Driver,­ from first-to-last, is a masterfully written  novel that barely pauses enough for the reader to catch breath.

On the run from the agency that wants him dead, former MI6 assassin Milton has found anonymity driving a taxi around the streets of San Francisco. But when a girl he takes to a party goes missing and two dead bodies are found, the police treat him as their prime suspect.

Milton needs extra attention like he needs a hole in the head. But as unpleasant secrets leak out and the body count rises, one thing is for sure. He might just be the right guy in the wrong place at the wrong time.

This is my first experience of reading Mark Dawson’s work. It won’t be the last. John Milton is up there with the Reacher’s of this world: the loner with a heart and skill base that cannot fail but captivate their audiences. A stripped back, down-to-Earth, rugged and flawed character, who rings true at every turn.

Not only is Milton a magnificent creation, Dawson’s grip on plot and setting – which, with the fog of San Fran becoming a pathetic fallacy accoutrement of its own – enhances further a story that is heart-racingly superb in every way.

By far the best action-thriller to have passed my way this year, Mark Dawson’s third outing for John Milton – The Driver – is an absolute must read.