Black Stone Cherry – Human Condition

Black Stone Cherry

Human Condition

Label: Mascot


As the first waves of the Covid pandemic took its deadly grip, Black Stone Cherry nestled themselves away and set about recording their seventh album, Human Condition, and their first since 2018s magnificent Family Tree.

If there’s one thing guaranteed with the Kentucky rockers it is that their work is always going to be memorable.  Human Condition is no different. Right from the off Ringing In My Head which segues brilliantly into Again, the intent is clear: when you have your listeners by the nuts, their hearts and minds will follow.

This is a lot more commercially orientated than, say, Kentucky, but for all that there remains more than enough moxy to revel in. The Chain is quite magnificent. Big, bluesey and definitely out for the jugular, Chris Robertson’s searing vocals and John Lawhon’s thumping bass have the pulse careering at breakneck speed and is just one of the many on this album demanding the live treatment.

Another is the album’s closer, Keep On Keeping On. With its anthemic, cultured vibe and feel good bravado, this is one that in no short order will be up there with Blame It on the Boom Boom and Cheaper To Drink Alone as gig shoe-ins.

These are the rockers. What of the slower tracks? Well, for all its schmaltz, If My Heart Had Wings still cuts the mustard, while In Love With The Pain resonates all that was grand about 80s rock. There’s even a nod towards Geoff Lynn and ELO with a marvelous cover of Don’t Bring Me Down; another crowd-pleaser, guaranteed.

Is Human Condition Black Stone Cherry at their best? No. Is it nevertheless a great album to have in the collection? Undoubtedly and it is best played loud and long.


1. Ringin’ In My Head
2. Again
3. Push Down &Turn
4. When Angels Learn To Fly
5. Live This Way
6. In Love With The Pain
7. The Chain
8. Ride
9. If My Heart Had Wings
10. Don’t Bring Me Down
11. Some Stories
12. Devil In Your Eyes
13. Keep On Keepin’ On


Black Stone Cherry are at The Liverpool Academy on Tuesday, September 21st. For Tickets: