ALBUM REVIEW: The Magpie Salute – High Water I

Magpie Salute High Water I Review

The Magpie Salute

High Water I

Audio CD


10th August 2018

RATING: *****

When you’re told something is so astonishingly good, you’ll find it difficult to understand how it is you’ve lived so long without in your life then, understandably, scepticism becomes a default setting. So, in reporting that The Magpie Salute’s High Water I is so astonishingly good you’ll find it difficult to understand how it is you’ve lived so long without it in your life, believe it!

John Hogg’s vocals are a throwback that keep on giving. A luxurious comfort blanket that’s as infused with a psychedelia-laden folksiness that’s sweet and comforting on tracks such as High Water and For The Wind, as it is capable of blowing you away in its sheer raucousness on Send Me An Omen, which is a strong contender for cut of the album. Then of course comes the guitar mastery of both Rich Robinson and Marc Ford. The mainstays of Black Crowes, who’s brainchild this monolithic outfit this, ostensibly, is have rarely sounded better.

Take a listen to their fabulous work on Walk On Water, marvel in the swooping nature of the balladeering majesty on offer, all of which is so beautifully underscored by the subtle slide and overlaid lead then dare to be unimpressed.

Hand In Hand is all out country barn dance fun, with Matt Slocum’s skilled keyboards coming to the fore, whereas You Found Me wouldn’t be amiss on any Willie Nelson album. Its mellow country tones a soothing reminder that there isn’t any music that does not inform or impact.

Track of the collection, in the way it lulls you into a false sense of security with its acoustic opening before letting rip with a bass line provided by Sven Pipen’s bass and Joe Magistro’s conjuring on drums, packs a punch and depth that is simply awesome.

The Magpie Salute’s first outing has set the band a very high water mark indeed and here’s hoping their second outing isn’t too far off. Now apologies. I gotta go listen to it all over again.



Mary The Gypsy

High Water

Send Me An Omen

For The Wind

Sister Moon

Color Blind

Take It All

Walk On Water

Hand In Hand

You Found Me

Can You See

Open Up

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