Sebastian & The Poor Valley Marauders

EP Review: Sebastian & The Poor Valley Marauders

RELEASE DATE: Friday December 9th, 2022.

The pandemic was cruel to a lot of performers.  Actors, musicians, comedians dancers all felt it and felt it tough. Some so tough, they were forced to leave the business altogether, or at least curtail their plans significantly.

Not Merseyside’s stalwart songsmith Mark Sebastian D’Lacey though and the result of this determination has been ever-growing demand for his live performances. Now there’s this superb collection of songs with his band, The Poor Valley Marauders, that’s guaranteed to gladden your heart. Yes, after the storm there truly does appear to be a golden sky.

There’s a feel-good panache about this six-track EP. A sense of, as Sir Elton of the John might have it, I’m Still Standing and this is epitomised in the honkey-tonk braggadocio of  I Couldn’t Speak.  Its ragtime piano and backing guitar riffs provide D’Lacey ample room to let loose with his self-deprecating lyrics, while all the while allowing the good times to roll on out.

There’s vitality and energy in this collection that truly hits home. Listen to the captivating melody underscoring in Fire In Her Eyes then consider the craft marking Brand New Fool as the EP’s standout track. Although, This Is What The Blues Look Like isn’t too far behind on that score.

A rich, emotive collection of work, marked with little smatterings of stardust that make the ears truly tingle, Sebastian & The Poor Valley Marauders launch their EP at Thornton Hall Village Club on Friday, December 9th. If the recordings are anything to go by, the ticket for the show is sure to be a must-have.

For Tickets to see Sebastian & The Poor Valley Marauders at Thornton Hall Village Club, along with Amber Wilding Stone in support, please click HERE!