Joey the “War Horse” is Chomping at the Bit for Liverpool performances.

War Horse, the National Theatre production, is coming to The Liverpool Empire Theatre in November for two weeks.

Arguably the most exciting theatrical event to take place at The Liverpool Empire Theatre since the The Lion King took to the stage in 2014, arrives this November when The National Theatre production of War Horse comes to Liverpool for the first time.

The story, written by Michael Morpurgo and turned into an acclaimed movie by Steven Spielberg, follows the travails of Joey, a farm horse, through the horrors of World War One to reveal the hope that living through adversity ultimately brings.

Within the show there are 23 puppets in total, all handmade by Handspring Puppet Company based in Cape Town, South Africa. As well as Joey, there is also a young Joey, Topthorn and a mischievous goose.

The horse puppets weigh approximately 43 kilos each with three puppeteers controlling their incredible actions. Each horse has all of a real horse’s tendons and muscles in the exact same place, to provide an astonishing realism to their movements.  These are faultlessly provided by Sam Clark, Michael Taibi and Derek Arnold who took around six weeks to train for their individual roles of head, heart and hind respectively.

War Horse is a full on emotional experience that should very definitely not be missed while at The Liverpool Empire from November 15 – December 2.

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