Liverpool Theatre Festival, 2023: The Oogy Boogy Man

A new to stage play, adapted from the new series of children’s books by Gary Edward Jones, author of Something Like Simon and Something Like George.

The OOGY BOOGY Man is reminiscent of the darker fairy tales of olde, weaving poetic tales of talking trees, a cauldron full of forest-laden spells, and of hushed secrets intertwined between the ancient creaking branches.

Come and hear the tale of a lonely Ogre who is not all that he seems. His voice not heard behind the twig in his cheek, and despite being eight feet tall he is not seen by the people of the town. For they fear him, and his differences. He is not like them.

The OOGY BOOGY Man dreams of a friend. Can the cauldron and a potion made by the spirit of his grandmother bring everything OOGY dreams of?

“Flowers and apples and worms unite, bring me some friends on this cold autumn night. Turning my potion into a cure and lead me to laughter, alone nevermore”.

This play will enthral children and adults alike, and will reignite your love of Folk tales through the sparks of OOGY’S cauldron…

 Come see if OOGY’S potion works!!


Friday 21 July 2023 | 2.30pm

Family | 6+

Tickets: £15 Adults | £13 Child

Family Ticket – £40 – Promo Code LTFFAMILY23 (4 tickets)

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